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Our aim is to be the world’s best platform for people

to interact with their money and resources


PRISMCHECK is a leader in financial intelligence service; helping our clients achieve their goals of profitability through financial and resource intelligence solutions. Whether as a private client or corporate client, we are poised to deploy the functionality of our intelligence solutions to support our clients to deliver on their objectives.

Profitability we believe has got everything to do with finance and productivity through the delivery of value propositions. For an individual to remain profitable, they must master the skills around resource management which includes the ability to continually generate income whilst effectively managing what has been earned.

For a corporate entity to remain profitable, they must master the art of capital generation and effective deployment of initiative and projects through their limited resources. To help our private and corporate clients achieve this, PRISMCHECK deploys its financial intelligence solutions through the following avenues:



Shared with our clients in the form of training or consultation, information is key in order to stay ahead in this economy. We seek to understand the prevalent problems facing our clients be it in the area of personal finance or corporate fund requirements.

To find out more, click here if you are a private client or here if you are a corporate client  

In the 21st century there are opportunities globally for private individuals to enhance their wealth whilst protecting it at the same time. Offering our services through the avenue of opportunities ranges from asset acquisition to project funding.

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Everything runs on systems in this world. From the solar system in the universe to our contemporary manufacturing lines, systems run through everything in life. When everything is working fine, we say the system works but when things begin to go wrong, we attribute it to system failure.

We believe that management, productivity and profitability are all hinged on systems. This is why we leverage on technology to bring our clients the best systems that will enable the profitability goals they have. To find out more click here