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Being the foremost provider of Financial Intelligence training in the UK, we pride ourselves in bring to our clients unmatched training content. Our content is saturated with the richness of both contemporary time-sensitive information and timeless inspiring knowledge. There are many training organisations out there, a lot of which simply feed the students with information. We have sought to excel these ones, we do not only give relevant information but we also offer life-transforming impartation. We believe that the proof of a good training package is the transformation experienced by the students – this is what we offer!

We offer Education & Training packages include but not limited to the following:

Introduction to Financial Intelligence

Understanding the history of money, figuring out what your personal money blueprint is, learning the rules that govern money and developing a plan for financial independence are the essentials we believe you need to know as you enrol in the school of financial intelligence. The two hour introduction course is impactful and essential for anyone that intends to control money rather than the other way round. Check when next we are in the city near you and reserve a seat today.


Young People FIT (Financial Intelligence Training)

Most adults made financial mistakes in their lifetimes, costly errors that they wish they had the knowledge to avoid. Money lessons were never in formal schools, a lot of adults learnt them from the University of Hard Knocks. Many have been ill prepared to deal with money; hence, they had to grapple with money problems that bring fear, stress, and worry. Parents can now make life easier for our children by helping their children get equipped to deal with money. Parents have the power to provide their kids sound, proven financial training that will help them grow into worry-free, successful adults. By enrolling their children on this program, parents are insuring their children’s financial future. Enrol Your Child Today


Real Estate FIT (Financial Intelligence Training)

Properties today remain one of the surest assets to invest your money into. The simple no-brainer reason for this can be found in the law of demand and supply; the demand for a good place to live is increasing, but the supply of land to build houses is limited. Land cannot be manufactured! However, if you are not skilled in the subject of real estate investing, things can go awfully wrong for you. Our Real Estate FIT will offer you all you need to know in getting started to becoming successful real estate investor. We will afford you the skills required in ensuring that you make good judgement of different kinds of opportunities out there. The training will make you as you begin to practice what you have been taught into an outstanding investor. However, the prerequisite for this course is the ‘Introduction to Financial Intelligence’ where you will also learn more about the Real Estate FIT course.


Bespoke Financial Intelligence Training Programs

We have been privileged to speak and train hundreds of people across various organisations on the back of ‘Bespoke’ training programs. If your needs for your audience is related to finance, then contact us today. A member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss what your specific needs are. Contact Us Today

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