Private Client

We dutifully care for our individual clients aiming to apply the concept of financial intelligence across all of their personal finance needs. Providing an intelligent approach to managing every area of our clients’ finance is paramount to us.

Quite a number of people today get themselves caught in the web of wrong financial products which result in some very painful experiences simply because most financial product providers are after their gains and not the clients’.

We do not provide financial advice on securities or regulated financial products; however, we offer intelligent and unbiased education on generic financial products. And in the bid to meet our clients’ needs of obtaining financial products, PRISMCHECK has teamed up with various providers of financial products.

After our clients are clear about their key objectives in a financial product agnostic way, they are then referred to the various providers and can then make educated decisions on what is best for them.

Simply follow the links above or to the side to visit the various pages on the subject of your personal finance. You will be able to understand how we can be of further help to you especially along the lines of financial coaching.